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Complimentary data set (Eta Carina) 
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Customer Images 

In addition to telescope hosting, image data will be offered under a data subscription model.  As a tertiary option, if the minimum number of data subscribers is not met, imaging platforms will be offered for rent.  Data subscription is a very inexpensive way to image the southern skies and removes the expense (purchase, shipping and insurance just to begin with) and effort involved in establishing one's own system. 

How it works:  Subscribers pay a monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly subscription.  I publish a list of recommended targets and subscribers vote against those targets as well propose others.  High quality/quantity calibration frames are made available and the data is published daily to a private, password protected website for retrieval.  If more data is required, I simply execute and provide.  As the observatory is on my property, I will work to make the systems 100% available and imaging will take place every clear night.  Data is scrutinzed for quality by myself.  Low quality frames are not published. YOU CAN JOIN AT ANY TIME!

Check out the sample data at the links below.  Interested or have questions?  Please use the contact page via the 'sign up' tab at the bottom of this page.

                            CDK17 Sampler Data                                                        RH305 Sampler Data                                                                 

Subscription Commences 7 Jun 19                                                                                                      

CDK17 - Data Subscription - Sign Up

System Description:

Telescope:  Planewave 17" CDK f6.8
Camera: SBIG STXL11002 with AOX and FW8G.
Filters:  Astrodon LRGB Gen II, Ha, SII, OIII all 3nm.
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME
FOV:  42 x 29 arcmins
Image Scale: 0.63 arcseconds per pixel.

rH305 - Available for Rent from 7 Jun 19

System Description:

Telescope:  Astro Physics 12" Riccardi-Honders f3.8
Camera: SBIG STXL16200
Filters:  Astrodon LRGB Gen II, Ha, SII, OIII, all 5nm. NII 3nm
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME II
FOV: 88 x 66 arcmins
Image Scale: 1.07 arcseconds per pixel.


Weather Sensors - Boltwood Cloudsensor II (x2), Lunatico AAG Cloudwatch, Moonlite All Sky Cam


Site Security - Cloud-Enabled Video Surveillance, ADT




rC12.5 - RENTED

System Description:

Telescope:  RC Optical Systems 12.5" f9
Camera: SBIG STXL11002 with AOX and FW8G.
Filters:  Astrodon LRGB Gen II, Ha, SII, OIII, all 5nm,
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME II
FOV: 43.3 x 29.7 arcmins
Image Scale: 0.65 arcseconds per pixel.


System Description:

Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106 EDX IV f5
Camera: SBIG STX16803 with 7 Position FW
Filters: Astrodon 65mm LRGB Gen II, Ha, SII, OIII, all 5nm
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX
FOV: 4 Degs x 4 Degs
Image Scale: 3.5 arcseconds per pixel.